Perhaps it was 50 years ago. However, in the XXI century, when every year to invent new, progressive methods of treatment are effective high-tech products, this proverb has lost its former importance. It is a pity that the prices of some drugs going through the roof and they are not commonly used because of its high cost.

But the solution was found. Generics help millions of people around the world use to make progress, and they are not strapped for cash and can afford the really high quality products.

Yes, we are selling generics. Note that it is generic, high-quality, reliable, efficient copies of famous brand medicines. We do not charge you money on advertising, do not deduct interest on delivery and not wrap expensive drugs in colorful packaging that you discard after 10 minutes after opening. We sell you the effect. And, as a result, health. It’s simple.

In our work we rely on three basic rules:

Our products have been rigorously tested for safety and compliance with the use of sanitary and epidemiological standards, certified by the certificate of the Ministry of Health of India – the country of manufacture we sell generics. You can be completely assured of their safety and security.

You do not pay for the work of marketers and advertisers. We are changing the tablet on your money, not replacing them beautiful wraps and lush promotions.

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