Your products are cheaper than in a regular pharmacy. What is the reason?

The fact that we are selling generics. Generics – exact copies of known drugs. More often than not you have to pay for the brand. In the case of generics, you only pay for the drug itself, and not for public opinion or to create an image. As you know, more is not always better. Major pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars to develop new and effective drugs. When the term of the patent expires, other pharmaceutical companies have the right to set up production of drugs-copies. The Ones. drugs that are in quality, safety and efficacy of the use of no worse than the original. Thus, the activities of the production and sale of generics is fully legal.
Who produce drugs that you implement?

Generics are sold by our company are manufactured in India. It is India’s leading manufacturer of generic drugs and delivers them all over the world.
You can give a guarantee quality of your products?

Definitely. Our preparations – complete analogues of the original, the only difference is the price. Additional warranty and can give evidence of India’s Ministry of Health issued personally to our company. It confirms the fact that all drugs, presented on our site, reliable and absolutely safe.
I want to try, but do not know what to choose. Which drug is better?

All drugs are good, just need to pick the one that is right for you. The principle of action of Levitra, Viagra and Cialis is almost identical: increased blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal. Differ only active ingredients. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra, Generic Levitra – Levitra from and Cialis – Cialis in. In addition, commercially available “Soft” versions of these drugs. “Soft” version of the drug is different from the usual in that it can be used even when you are planning to diversify their menus fatty foods and alcohol. “Soft” tablets dissolve under the tongue in half an hour before sexual intercourse.
What are the precautions for use of your drugs?

The main thing – always assess their strengths and abilities. So serious about your health. First, and most important rule: never take drugs excess of the permissible dosage. Dosage for generics coincides with that of the original drugs themselves. Important: The dosage amount is not pills and active ingredient weight. Rule two: Do ​​not drink the standard version of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis with alcohol and fatty foods. In any case. If you are planning a romantic dinner with wine or other alcoholic beverages, you have two options: either use the software version of the drug, or to opt out of receiving them. Health is more expensive, remember this is not worth the risk. The third rule, universal: Do not take drugs more than 1 time per day. Cialis for this period is half or two days (drug effect continues during this time). And finally, the last, the fourth rule, but not the least important: drugs help only if you feel sexual arousal. Levitra, Viagra, Cialis work if there is excitement, but they excite you, they will not.
Clearly, thanks. How do I order?

Simple and easy. Take advantage of our illustrated catalog of products, select the appropriate means, put it in a virtual shopping cart and click “Checkout”. If you are already registered on our website registration process will take no more than two minutes. Is Done! We are pleased to inform you that your order has been accepted and soon the goods will be with you http://www.sildamax.net/.

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